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If I could get anything into people’s heads–besides the fact that they should fill my PayPal account with money–it would be this: It is totally normal to think that you’re an imposter, that you have no idea what the hell you’re doing with your [fill in the blank], and to be jealous of everyone else, who appears to know exactly what they’re doing.
Spoiler alert: They don’t. In fact, most people have no idea whatsoever as to what they’re doing. They just hide it better. Or, they don’t care. Or, they learn from their mistakes. But really: they just hide it better.
Obviously yes, some people do indeed know what the hell they’re doing–like, for example, my amazing super, Jorge, who in four hours completely re-plastered, re-painted and generally fixed a huge hole in my ceiling. Yes, Jorge is a machine.–but most people, if you read their biographies, or study history, or just ask them later on…they’re making the sh*t up as they go along. And for some of them…ha, it works! And they get the corner office or win the Nobel Prize for Literature or, like Stalin at the end of World War Two, enslave the rest of Eastern Europe, because he got lucky and Hitler was crazier.
I think that people want to believe that there are rules in life, and if they follow them…all will be well. Yeah, not so much. What there is, is luck, education, a willingness to learn, and crucially, a willingness to be honest with oneself. If one fancy corporate job has not filled the void within you…why would another, even fancier one do so? Hmm.
But once you realize there are no rules…isn’t that liberating? It should be! I started this business, and wrote a play, and am writing a book because I finally said, “F**k it. I’m just going to do it. Who cares?” God, if I was worried about following the rules, I’d be another disgruntled, mediocre attorney, practicing law, badly, and hating my life. Not a good look.

Imagine what you could do if you embraced the chaos and were true to yourself…imagine.Why not email me and let me know!  (PS: Any readers who go on to win the Nobel Prize for Literature, after reading this blog…you’re welcome and where’s my 10%?) 

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