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This blog is supposed to be professional, yes? It’s supposed to be a way for potential clients to get a taste of my personality, my joie de vivre, and then actually wish to hire me, not back away slowly. But, as one of my fave playwrights, Joe Orton, famously said: “I’m an acquired taste.” Oh well…
Anyway, in view of trying to be (somewhat) professional, I’m not going into delve into the grisly details of last night’s networking event at Hudson Terrace…I mean, the event itself was fun and great and it always makes me happy to spend time with Wellesley women since they’re smart, articulate and determined to take over the world. I have a special place in my heart for Wellesley, and probably all women’s colleges, since how many places can you say are focused with helping women succeed? Exactly.
No, when I say “grisly details,” I mean the part of the night where I sort of wandered away from the Wellesley section of the crowd–lured by the siren call of free Bombay Sapphire mojitos (so good! Damn them, damn them to hell for being so good!) and kinda fell in with some people from a very prestigious firm that I shan’t name here since I don’t wish to be sued (…sued for The Kitten I guess, since the rest is law school debt) and had more drinks, while enjoying a conversation about my cleavage and crowd-surfing and raising the roof…which all seemed hilarious at the time, but maybe that’s because those mojitos were da bomb, as the kids say.
I also don’t think I need to expound upon the other nice young men I met from Staten Island (oy!) who looked like they had just come from an open call casting session for “Jersey Shore,” and whom, when asked what they did, said they worked in “cement.” That really made me giggle.
No, the only thing I thought was important last night–okay, okay, besides the networking–was, while on my way home, seeing the father carrying his two- or three-year-old Chinese-American daughter, in his arms, like she was a rare, exotic creature. (Which of course she is.) And it was lovely to see this mom and dad, walking along with their little girl, who was sleepy and secure in her dad’s embrace, to see this family and be reminded of what’s really important in life.  
(That put me in such a good mood, that when, later that night, I was walking through Times Square and the German tourists asked me, “Please…where to Times Square?,” I was able to politely respond that lucky them, they were in Times Square, instead of openly snorting with glee.)

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