I’m Carlota Zimmerman, J.D., the Success Strategist and I specialize in bringing the awesome!


US News & World Report called me a “social media expert,” so what are you waiting for? Let’s get to work!

Since 2008, my method of forensic coaching has empowered men and women around the world to stop sabotaging themselves, and take back their power. I’ve helped countless people craft the opportunities for professional and personal development that they need. I’ve had the privilege of watching my clients stop talking, and start doing.  I encourage my clients to dream big,  make an organized plan and then go get it! #wakeuphungry

One of the most rewarding experiences of  having this business, is hearing clients say a variation of “Wow, you made me really believe I can do it!” (Listen. You can give me that stink-eye, but before I’m a coach, I am a woman, and thus the phrase, “You were right, Carlota,” is always near and dear to my two-sizes-too-small heart.) When people believe in themselves, people are generally unstoppable. My passion is to make you understand that you can, with patience, determination and commitment, create a life you love. Today. You can create this life today. You hire me, you get 100% of the best I have to offer: I’m in your corner, Killer! I’m here  to make sure you finish what you start and do right by your talent. I built this business, in large part, to give people the coaching and nurturing I had always wanted. Who doesn’t want an advocate? Who doesn’t want someone to believe in them? I want to be the person who rekindles your confidence and belief in yourself. I nag nurture because I care.  #singoutlouise

I’ll help you define your career goals, whether long-term or immediate. Then, I’ll construct your personalized strategy, enabling you, step-by-step, to realize those objectives. (The words you’re looking for are “thank” and “you.” Put them together and they make a nice sound!) Spoiler alert: me + you= awesomesauce.

Success Strategist Carlota Zimmerman, J.D., helps men and women from all walks of life, and of all ages, identify and achieve their goals, with the primary objective being the enhancement of  her clients’ professional and personal lives in ways meaningful to them.

Helping clients improve their lives in all aspects that count, Carlota’s expert counseling extends from focusing on clearly defining ambitions, uncovering networking secrets and crafting dynamic elevator pitches to successful job-hunting strategies, social media marketing and much more. To date, Carlota has coached veterans, attorneys, accountants, poets, writers, TV reporters, politicians, and moms and dads.

Her coaching practice was launched after she graduated from law school. At the beginning, she primarily assisted lawyer friends with their professional aspirations. Word-of-mouth of her success helping these clients transform their lives, and achieve their ambitions, led men and women from other professions — technology, finance, education, government and the arts — to seek out Carlota’s concierge coaching services.

Carlota’s articles on personal and professional development have been published by Huffington Post, XOJane , Thought Catalog, MSNBC, and  Above the Law. Named a “social media expert” in 2014 by US News & World Report, Carlota’s career advice has appeared in websites and publications such as NBC News,  Fast Company, CNBC.com, NY Post, The Ladders, More.com, Moneyish, Good Call, Bustle,  Mediabistro, Recruiter.com, Everup.com, The Street, and MSN, to name but a few. She was the Keynote Speaker at Wellesley College’s 2016 Latina Month Events. She has also led panels and spoken at Social Media Week NYC 2015, BlogHer’15 and the PA Conference of Women. She has led career-development workshops at CUNY, SUNY, New York Library, Queens Council of the Arts, Queens Chamber of Commerce, and NYC Bar Association.

She has been profiled in New York Magazine’s The Cut and Latina Magazine.

A former child actor on Sesame Street, Carlota is an honors graduate of Wellesley College, Middlebury College Language School and IUB Maurer School of Law. Prior to launching her coaching practice, Carlota was a produced playwright, and worked as a network news journalist in Russia, Washington, D.C. and New York City. She is fluent in Russian and sarcasm, and lives in her native New York City.