I consider you to be an amazing mentor…! You always keep it 100%.

Fidel Tellez, JD Candidate

OMG. You are the queen of “I’m here, recognize” side-eye. Great job on NY1 last night!

Holly Riley

You are an incredible sense of strength to those you touch. You are always on my mind, each step I take!

Silvana Carpinito

…reading your article [in the HuffingtonPost] I think helped reinforce the thought that I should brave whatever unsatisfactory job I get next, and work on higher goals at the same time. Money is what I gotta do now, yet dreams are always there with you are they not? Anyway I hope you read this, sorry for the long venting! Thanks again for that great piece.


…this journey started with me, alone in the dark, scared out of my mind about what was about to happen next. A SOLDIER, who has been shot at and almost blown up, scared to LEAVE that life. But feeling alone and afraid, reached out to the Internet gods for advice, and found YOUR article that set me on the path to where I needed to be. So you’re a part of this journey too. You make a difference in people’s lives. I got feed back like: “When can you start, I like you, that’s the best answer from any candidate I’ve ever interviewed” etc. and guess what? It was the things you and I talked about.

R.C.B., US Army Veteran, Three-time Bronze Star Recipient

You should change your title to the ‘Creativity Muse,’ since you’re very inspiring.

Charlie Brown, Captain, U.S. Army Reserve Officer Training Corps

I don’t usually read articles online, but your writing is some of the best I have seen because of its clarity. I could definitely relate to a lot of it and you just won yourself a new fan.

F. Tellez

You’re a unicorn in a pasture of horses.

April P.

Your meme game is stronger than mine.

Katherine L.

I am reaching out to you after a year of earnest job and soul searching. Your energy is kinetic and I need a jolt!

Silvana C.

You have this take no shit/get no shit attitude that is so refreshing in the world of nicey-consensus-building-until-we-fall-asleep work. Thank you for your contributions to the world and for being another nagging voice in my husband’s ear to pump him up for the career he always wanted.

Rachel C.

You are so ridiculously awesome, Carlota. Today was really like career coaching, job search strategies and tactics, and personal and professional therapy all in one for me! You’re doing exactly what you were meant to do in this world.

M. Ford

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me and giving me clarity on my future goals! You were incredible to speak with and I felt your strength over the phone.

H. Mann

Carlota has a frank, no holds barred, take no prisoners approach to helping people find their best selves. In her selfless and generous coaching of our scholarship recipients she has demonstrated her willingness to help our students identify and pursue their career and life goals. Spots of sarcasm and eye rolls help her clients sift through their own hindrances and hang ups, but because her advice comes from the heart, only a fool would ignore it.

Professor Alyshia Galvez, Dir., Jamie Lucero Mexican Studies Institute at CUNY

…but thank you again for being the Latina Month Keynote speaker. I’m sure I speak for all those in attendance that it was nice and refreshing to have a real, honest and strong speaker come in and share her words of wisdom with us.

Rocio Ortego, Wellesley College student

Thanks for your enthusiasm and confidence for my future, you are a champ!

Brian B.

Thank you so much, you go above and beyond! I really enjoyed our session yesterday, not a wasted minute.

Paula Heisen

I forgot to straight up thank you for kicking my ass into overcoming  a huge fear of mine: interviewing. I did it, and even if it wasn’t perfect, or they don’t take me, I know I can get through the tough shit now.

Ellen Schwartz

You truly are a social media guru.  I learned a great deal… and am ready to chip away at the whole [social media marketing] process for some time to come. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Karen Fitzgerald

When I read that line, ‘Stop masturbating your ego’…on your website, I thought, ‘This woman is brilliant!’ But I’m pretty good at stating the obvious.


Thank you for a great call today. I always feel so good after I speak to you – LIKE I’M QUEEN OF THE WORLD!

A. H.

I wanted to thank you for helping me set the wheels into motion. I have finally found the right industry for me at the right time!  …thanks once again girl, for helping me start thinking in the right direction. It took time, but I didn’t give up! A big hug!!!

A. L.

I adore you…everyone should have a cheerleader like you! Doesn’t hurt that you’re really cute too…!

Lon Blais, actor/playwright/educator

…you are a SERIOUSLY inspiring woman! You had me very motivated on this cold Monday in Oklahoma!

Katie Girouard, www.mylittlemagicshop.com

I’m a better man because of the amazing strength, wisdom and professionalism you exude!

Tuffy Questell, Actor

You gave me a great deal to think about! …your ideas have become a breath of fresh wind in my brain!

Karen Fitzgerald

Just had an amazing and transformative coaching call with Carlota Zimmerman!

Amy Huang

Carlota lets it all hang out and also just pulls you in!

Christine de la Garza, Senior Strategist & Modern Marketing Executive

You open people up to so many possibilities! You really are doing transformative work!

Hoong Yee Lee Krakauer, Executive Director, Queens Council on the Arts

Carlota has helped me in so many areas of my professional life, and always has just the right advice for any situation. She is fantastic when it comes to troubleshooting tricky situations and navigating new terrain. Please consider using her if you’re considering a career change, need a confidence boost, could use a good nagging, or really any other professional advice in general. She is an amazing resource and I’m beyond lucky to call her a friend.

Brooke Snow

I don’t ever know how I will ever thank you for keeping me in check. In my heart, you have such a big spot. I’m beyond blessed to have you kick in when I was going to throw in the towel.

Amalia Olivia Rojas

With patience and creativity she engaged us, offering her services to help us succeed, in dreams we had not dreamed. Carlota lights the match, incendiary to sleeping muse thoughts!

Joan Becht Willette

THANK YOU for being one of the best resources I’ve ever encountered!!!  I have been encouraging everyone I know to search for you and consider career coaching. I think people fear the idea of investing in themselves through coaching (AKA I shouldn’t spend money on this because I should already have adequate social capital coming from X,Y,Z background)–NOT a good mindset…sometimes the mirror is dirty and you need a professional service to clean (your life) up and give you the real view of who you are. For what it’s worth: you’ve not only made me feel like a superstar on paper, you’ve also helped build my self-esteem to levels I didn’t know I could reach, AND you somehow keep appearing with great resources!

Anna U

Thank you for your advice…it really helped push me in the right direction!

Pami Malinova

I feel your empathy and compassion touch my skin at a level where genuine change could take place. You must be what one of the current books I’m reading calls “a Universe calling….are you listening?”. I hear you, I cherish you and am so deeply relieved that people like you roam the Earth, clone yourself.

Tady Rodriguez

It’s crazy, I came across [your Huffington Post article, How Artists Can Use Social Media to Discover and Promote Their Voice], and bookmarked it thinking, I know this will bless someone else like it did for me.#GrindMode


…it often feels like I have to compromise between what I want and what I feel like I can “realistically” have and you remind me to stretch. Girl, you are a goddamn inspiration. You’re def in the right line of work, babe!

Aarthi Devanathan

I just wanted you to know how enjoyable it was to speak with you… I definitely appreciated the empathy you offered me, and I now have a new perspective going forward.

Jeff Doubek

Carlota, you helped get my marketing mind started, you’re the best!

Maureen Grove, CPA, MBA

I always feel 10X more accomplished leaving your office than I did walking in, so thank you…!

Laura Allen, Chapter Captain, Team Red White & Blue

Thanks for the kick up the arse. I just typed ‘I don’t know how to change my job’ into Google & your article was the first. Didn’t bother reading anything else!


‘Stop asking why and start saying why not!’ At least, that’s what I got from our e-relationship. Finding something each month that’s outside my comfort zone and doing it. Life has gotten large again, thanks for opening me back up! You are making a difference.

Jim Witt

Thank you for being you: for standing strong for what you believe in, for being passionate about making the world a better place. It is greatly appreciated by me. Thank you.

Myrdin Thompson, Team Fox Athlete/Advocate

Carlota’s laser-focus beams straight to the heart of the matter. After just a few moments with her your focus, energy and goals will crystallize – maybe just as a spark, but then a spark that ignites a re-born bonfire. If you’re stuck, or on the fence, or even lost in the wilderness, Carlota’s voice is a beacon of pragmatism, insight and inspiration that will gently guide you into the place where your skills, energy and passion can be exploited to their fullest value. I recommend her with no reservations.

Joe Fortine

Carlota allows you to open up about how you feel, and where you want to be. We are all capable of reaching out fullest potential, but sometimes we need that extra push to realize it. Carlota is that push, and sometimes a good kick in the ass!

Aaron Schane

Thank you for your help so far, you have really given me the confidence to get out there and start submitting my stuff. I was afraid I had not accomplished enough, or was too “small time” but with your encouragement I have become proud of my career so far.

Joshua Beasley, Attorney

Carlota Zimmerman (Indiana Law ’07) is one of those students who goes on to inspire and teach the teacher. Carlota is an artist who relentlessly pulls on the strings of honesty and creativity.

Professor William D. Henderson, Indiana University Maurer School of Law

You probably knew this, but I’m going to share anyway: you own the market on this creativity yenta-ness. Damn woman!

Jess Reagan, Attorney

Filled to the brim with ideas and determination, Carlota reignited my courage to pursue writing. Mix in her incessant optimism and a bit of tough-love, Carlota conjures up a magical potential potion right before your eyes.

Becca Carne, Young Adult Fiction Writer