Your Ambition Looks Great On You!

Your Ambition Looks Great On You!

March 25, 2017 Uncategorized 0

If you saw this clip of the so-called “BBC dad”, whose wonderfully spirited children crashed their dad’s on-air interview, and inwardly groaned, remembering your own unfortunate video interview mishap…simma down, we’ve all been there. As a coach, my job is helping my clients to achieve their ambition,  so trust that I’ve done thousands of prep interviews.

I think some people are so uncomfortable with the idea of even being on camera, that they emotionally retreat, subconsciously deciding, “Well, I’m not a model, so whatever, I know I’m not going to get the position, who cares?” That sound you hear is me giving you The Look. The year is 2017, video interviewing is a thing, so you can either make excuses, or make a choice.

Sometimes just doing a dress rehearsal video interview, during which the client is forced to get comfortable with the technology, can be the difference between a bad experience, and me receiving a call from an ecstatic client, screaming with pure joy,  “BITCH I GOT THE JOB LETS GET DRUNK!” *getting emotional* Oh, they grow up so fast!

To that end, I was thrilled to be interviewed for this piece. Spoiler alert: A successful video interview isn’t about perfect hair or beauty, but it is all about confidence. It’s about taking the time to acknowledge your concerns in order to amass your arsenal. It’s about preparing a quiet space where you’re physically and emotionally comfortable; buying  noise-cancelling headphones; familiarizing yourself with the technology; identifying and rehearsing your talking points, so that you spend the interview communicating your passion to potential employers, instead of apologizing for not being able to log in, because you can’t remember your Skype password.  (Oy.)

If you’ve got your own video interviewing forthcoming, and reading this article makes it clear that you could use a helping hand…saddle up and ride, kid! Take a deep breath, shoot me an email––and let’s get you ready for that close-up….



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