An epidemic of experts

An epidemic of experts

March 28, 2016 Uncategorized 0

What a time to be alive…

This is going to read as if I’m grumpy, but no, as my father always said when I was a naughty teenager, “Carlota, your mother and I aren’t angry, we’re just…(dramatic pause), well, we’re just disappointed.”

So America, I’m not angry, just disappointed. Feel the guilt flooding through your veins.

In America—and definitely in America’s murky social media ether—there is, let’s face it, an epidemic of experts. Everyone’s an expert on everything. If you’re not an expert on something, you’re not trying hard enough. I’ve recently received, through a PR pitching service I subscribe to, requests for experts to give detailed tips, masturbating with fruit (how to…?) and “boobie experts.” The necessity of retaining my harassed sanity dictated that I reply to neither of those requests.

But if everyone’s an expert—especially online—why are my various newsfeeds and timelines so ripe with ruin? Why do I, seriously, see people posting on Instagram or Twitter, as “networking experts,” with accounts that are, wait for it, private? Um, no. If you’re going to tell me you’re a “networking expert,” but your account is private, I’m going to guess that you don’t really “get” networking.

Listen, private accounts are great: I know a great many boring lovely moms I went to law school with, who have locked Instagram or Twitter accounts, and I give praise every day for one less social media platform wherein I’m subjected to endless photos of their sticky toddlers. You owe no one your content (i.e any demonstrable reason to connect and network with you),but if your account is private, I’m going to guess that you really don’t “get” networking, since the point of networking on line is to demonstrate your expertise, passion, interests and personality, thus giving potential followers/clients/colleagues, a reason to connect with you. HOW CAN I SEE ANY OF YOUR GENIUS IF YOUR ACCOUNT IS PRIVATE? *deep sigh* I’m sorry, I shouldn’t yell, yelling doesn’t help, I know.

Just thinking aloud here, but maybe you should try to be clear on what a skill means, before you try to profit from it. Or,  is that somehow un-American?

Also, FYI, just writing #inspiration in your hackneyed Facebook or Twitter post does not, ipso facto, make it actually inspiring. Tedious yet true. You have to write or share something that is actually inspiring, to inspire anyone with an IQ above room temperature.  I know: what a cruel, heartless, unfair world where people have to be inspiring instead of just deciding they’re inspiring.

Before you give me that side-eye, listen I survived living in Russia, law school and working for Nancy Grace under deadlines of  breaking news: your attempted intimidation and disdain is going to have to eat its Wheaties today, kid. Not to mention: I’m a social media expert*!

*as per US News & World Report!




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