Anger in the workplace

Anger in the workplace

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Years ago, young people, before launching this coaching practice, I  gained many life lessons worked in network news in Moscow, Russia, Washington, D.C., and NYC. I worked for all the networks but CBS, and of course, I’m proud of my achievements in TV news…though it probably is one of the reasons I won’t have an especially long life.  In the Former Soviet Union, certain prisons were so brutal that each year spent in captivity  was worth 5 in a “normal” prison. In a sense, that was what working in TV news was like.

Anyway.  Whilst in the belly of the beast, I did have a lot of fun…but TV news is also living proof of Darwin’s theorem that only the strong make their deadlines. I mean, only the strong survive. #samedifference I was much younger then, and highly ambitious so hey, perhaps I wasn’t the nicest person ever. (*cackles bitterly*) On the other hand, I always made my deadlines so…every cloud has a silver lining, n’est-ce pas?

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After a certain point at that level of  concentrated  rage ambition and overnight news, I burnt out and, slowly began the process of changing my life to become a better person. A person who could commit to joy, instead of rage.  A person whom I could even stand to be around. Rage is very exhausting, and ultimately boring and tedious. The years passed, I started learning from my own mistakes, and one day,  here I was, owning a successful coaching business, helping clients succeed and avoid my own mistakes. #adulthood #fuckingfinally

To that end, I was so thrilled to be interviewed by Fast Company for their solid piece about the dangers of anger in the workplace.  And yes, it is a huge danger. Anger turns people off, the very same people who will, or more likely won’t, after you’ve yelled at them, help you make your numbers, and thus achieve your professional goals. Just realize that the professional world is very small. If you get a bad reputation, that reputation will follow you. If you’re constantly angry, no one will want to collaborate with you. Your career is your responsibility…as is your anger.

I know that some people will say, “Okay, hippie, enjoy your damn kale chips, I work in REDACTED, and I have to be angry to triumph.” Okay, Patrick Bateman, whatever helps you sleep at night. Some people might suggest that perhaps you were already  furious, and thus chose an industry that would give you reason/permission to rage every day..but hey, you and whatever human organs you have stowed in your cubicle, know best, I’m sure.

Here’s the piece:

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