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"me" I’m not sure what’s more pathetic: that Weiner was at all engaged in chasing women online so flagrantly, given that he’s a MARRIED POLITICIAN…or how desperate he comes across: yikes! All she had to say was how “hottt” he was and…ba-blam! One can only assume how thrilled his wife must be..hope she got in one…
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June 7, 2011 0

And now for a word from our sponsors

I’m enclosing a link to my speaking gig this Friday, June 10 @ 6pm, “Becoming the Hero of Your Life: 10 Steps to Reinvention” (though I have to admit that everytime I check out the list of speakers, I start brooding about what exactly ‘womb yoga dance’ is…but I’m a delicate flower and probably do…
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June 6, 2011 0

For Annie Le

Last night, I happened to visit a neighborhood bar called (what else?) “Winner’s Bar.” I went primarily because it was an obvious dive bar, and I love dive bars and I also savor irony and how can one not love the delicious irony of a dump on Elmhurst Avenue, called “Winner’s Bar?” The bar was exactly…
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June 4, 2011 0

National Donut Day

So today, according to the Interwebs, is National Donut Day (which, interestingly enough, came the day after the  government released the food pyramid’s replacement, the “Nutrition Plate”) and considering I slept about 3 solid hours due to a sick pet and being swamped with work, and the NY Times is reminded me, yet again, that…
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June 3, 2011 0

This morning, I dropped by a branch of my bank (which I refuse to name since it deserves no free advertising whatsoever…yeah, and go ahead and sue me: enjoy a piece of my debt load!) in the Elmhurt section of Queens and was, for a moment, a little surprised to see that all the signs…
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June 2, 2011 1

"There’s enough lawyers!" I love how she thinks being a “spaceman” or “trashman” is better than being an attorney…enjoy!

June 1, 2011 0