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Many years ago, when I myself was a young person, I had a summer internship at the West Side Spirit, a newspaper that is instantly known to anyone who grew up and/or lived on NYC’s Upper West Side. I was about 16 at the time, so I don’t remember much from the internship. Let’s hope..

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*…or the Tubmans, as I suppose they’ll shortly be called… “It’s nice, I guess, but where’s the money?” I help a lot of people get their mind right about social media. I help them envision social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, just to name a few, as dynamic,  brand-building tools and resources, instead..

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When I was an asshole younger woman, about to graduate Wellesley College, and the visiting alumnae, struck by nostalgia, would get teary-eyed and say “Oh Wellesley College, only to be there,” my friends and I, hard-hearted and cynical as only 21 year olds can be, would giggle and roll our eyes.   Yes, yes I know: WE. WERE. MORONS.  We..

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What a time to be alive… This is going to read as if I’m grumpy, but no, as my father always said when I was a naughty teenager, “Carlota, your mother and I aren’t angry, we’re just…(dramatic pause), well, we’re just disappointed.” So America, I’m not angry, just disappointed. Feel the guilt flooding through your..

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“I will be letting this [social media marketing] information ferment and I hope that within a few months I can get my idea of my “brand” together enough to redo my website and start making a consistent presentation.”-M. Nope. That’s not gonna happen. Things don’t change in our lives because we hope, but because we..

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In January of this year, some of the lovely women at My Little Magic Shop, approached me for an interview, about how I got into nagging coaching (…why do I even bother to pretend that I don’t flat out nag the sh*t out of my clients, who literally ADORE IT?), and what is a yenta, and..

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