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Recently, I was invited by a company, that shall remain extremely nameless, to help inspire their pointless lackluster social media branding. This is something I do frequently with companies and individuals and usually, these sessions quickly become fun and inspired brainstorming sessions, with everyone excited and frantically taking notes, and I get back as much..

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My friend Leslie Martin-Breslin and I met several years ago, when she had written a book about her father’s battle with Alzheimer’s. Leslie had read my piece for Huffington Post, So, You Want to Write a Book?, and she was interested in my marketing advice for authors.  When we were able to laugh after a tumultuous conversation regarding..

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As a coach who works with a growing number of men and women in the entertainment industry, I’m a fan  of smart, honest talk about what means it be a working professional actor. I’m a produced playwright, I work with a number of artists in different fields, and I know how tough it is to choose..

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“I… posted other professional photos using the #flashbackfriday to minimize the narcissism and it was really nice to tag people. I got some nice messages back…. So, thanks for that. I don’t quite see how those photos are linked to my profile…” -She Who Must Not be Named  An email message from a client/friend who,..

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Though, honestly, I’d argue that Chicago, when I went there last week, wasn’t so much windy as wonderful. (Ugh, the teenager in my brain just rolled her eyes at that one. She’s thinking, “Oh. My. Gawd, why are you so old?!”) Being a native New Yorker, my immediate impression of Chicago was, how lovely to..

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Any (honest) entrepreneur will probably admit that she started her business(s) as much out of her fears as her dreams, that the things she dreaded ended up being the very things that made her hustle so hard, and caused the business to live or die. Some people go into therapy, others hit the bar, entrepreneurs..

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