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Finally, I hit the big time: my old friend Marie’s “Underground Crafter” blog! And, if it inspires you, I’ll be offering office hours, starting June 20, 2011, 10:30am-5:30pm, 380 Lexington Ave, $50 for 30 minutes, in which I promise to give you (at least) 3 creative yet workable solutions to personal and/or professional issues…so come..

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I read this article, “Lawyers Settle…for Temp Jobs” in the WSJ and was infinitely depressed. Not that it’s a new idea—overeducated people demeaning their talents and skills, because they don’t understand their value, nor do they see how to make use of said skills in a difficult economy—but because it’s so prevalent.   We..

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Only 99 cents for all this hawt wisdom…

I should preface these comments by saying I’ve been up (and working…and walking uphill both ways) since 3am (don’t ask), so now my brain is yawning and farting, and just generally ready for a nap and a Scotch. (Not necessarily in that order.) Anyway, this morning I got office space (380 Lexington! A huge office..

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Ugh: starting a new business, especially in these dire economic times, is just an on-going game of Choose Your Own Adventure (remember those books from the 1980s? No? Right, we’re all too young…cough cough) wherein even the simplest things can be incredibly frustrating. Even as everyone talks about how necessary small businesses are to drive the engine..

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I shot my “Learning Annex” video–yes, some of you may be giggling, since quite a few of their titles are insane–but it was super fun: me talking to a camera about stuff I find interesting…bliss! Crucially, I spent the morning getting my face and hair did by Margie Bresciani ( I attached a photo, taken later..