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I’m enclosing a link to my speaking gig this Friday, June 10 @ 6pm, “Becoming the Hero of Your Life: 10 Steps to Reinvention” (though I have to admit that everytime I check out the list of speakers, I start brooding about what exactly ‘womb yoga dance’ is…but I’m a delicate flower and probably do..

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Last night, I happened to visit a neighborhood bar called (what else?) “Winner’s Bar.” I went primarily because it was an obvious dive bar, and I love dive bars and I also savor irony and how can one not love the delicious irony of a dump on Elmhurst Avenue, called “Winner’s Bar?” The bar was exactly..

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So today, according to the Interwebs, is National Donut Day (which, interestingly enough, came the day after the  government released the food pyramid’s replacement, the “Nutrition Plate”) and considering I slept about 3 solid hours due to a sick pet and being swamped with work, and the NY Times is reminded me, yet again, that..

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This morning, I dropped by a branch of my bank (which I refuse to name since it deserves no free advertising whatsoever…yeah, and go ahead and sue me: enjoy a piece of my debt load!) in the Elmhurt section of Queens and was, for a moment, a little surprised to see that all the signs..

Posted by on June 1, 2011 at 10:35 pm in Uncategorized I love how she thinks being a “spaceman” or “trashman” is better than being an attorney…enjoy!

Posted by on June 1, 2011 at 11:26 am in Uncategorized I heard this, this am while drinking my tea, and I can’t explain why it made me laugh till I cried, but the idea of a little kid beating a high school kid just gave me so much evil glee…(though if I had been that high schooler, I would have had fantasies of drop-kicking..