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I promise: I’m not one of those people who believe social media can solve all our societal ills, though it is pretty great how it lets me flirt with men around the world. Whoa, where’d that come from? No one wants to hear about my dirty life and times…right?*shifty eyes.* Anyways homies, my point being,..

I promise that I’m not always, to use the clinical term, ‘poopy.’ In fact many people find me a lot of fun, especially when alcohol and good music and adult activities are involved. However, when I have clients and friends complaining about their employment opportunities, or lack thereof, and then I check out their LinkedIn..

Just a quick thought, for all the recent grads posting, in their various LinkedIn groups, that they have a BA in Psych or Gender Studies or 17th century Macedonian lit, with a 3.7 GPA and want a job that lets them express themselves…um, okay. Expression is awesome. As is, eating every day. And I really..