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Whatever stage your career is in, from nascent to experienced, your ability to network, to visualize and then realize the professional opportunities you need, will determine how far it, and you, can eventually go. We live in a period of almost unparalleled intellectual freedom and access to anyone, anywhere. The world is getting dramatically smaller,..

Part of the thing about getting older…is that you get even more awesome! And, apparently, crankier. But seriously, ladies and germs, for me, part of the thing about getting older is trying to figure out where I stand in the “generation gap.” Or, really, why I dislike it so much when “older” (cough cough) people..

Just a quick thought, for all the recent grads posting, in their various LinkedIn groups, that they have a BA in Psych or Gender Studies or 17th century Macedonian lit, with a 3.7 GPA and want a job that lets them express themselves…um, okay. Expression is awesome. As is, eating every day. And I really..

I’m updating this blog, since I’m getting ready to start giving some fun/informational/not-boring workshops, and I also recently received a mouth-watering recommendation from IU-Bloomington School of Law Professor William Henderson! (The recommendation is up and it seriously makes my ego want to giggle and skip like a schoolgirl.) Anyway, I was scrolling through the various..

Just a brief thought today on the importance of self-confidence. This is particularly aimed at those who are going through a rough time, say unemployment, a painful professional or personal transition…I know I’ve blogged a great deal about the crucial part of seeking employment, for example, is to demonstrate your value. But I also know..