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I tortured coached a client last night, making her present to me her networking pitch over and over and over again till I’m sure now she’s re-thinking her plan to transition her career…or at least to attempt to do so with me. But honestly, she was a trooper, with a great attitude…despite making me feel..

Just a quick thought, for all the recent grads posting, in their various LinkedIn groups, that they have a BA in Psych or Gender Studies or 17th century Macedonian lit, with a 3.7 GPA and want a job that lets them express themselves…um, okay. Expression is awesome. As is, eating every day. And I really..

This blog is supposed to be professional, yes? It’s supposed to be a way for potential clients to get a taste of my personality, my joie de vivre, and then actually wish to hire me, not back away slowly. But, as one of my fave playwrights, Joe Orton, famously said: “I’m an acquired taste.” Oh..