People come to me because they’re ready, finally, to achieve their dreams.

You’re ready to articulate, organize and share with the world your hopes and dreams, your secret, your potential.  You understand the value of the contributions you can and should be making to the world. People come to me because they’re ready to create the lives they need. And when it comes to being ready to change your life, “readyish” is good enough.

“I didn’t want to exchange one prison for another. People like me have to make their own jobs…..The job is there, waiting. But it doesn’t exist for you or anyone else until you discover it, and you discover it because it’s for you and you alone.”

V.S. Naipaul, A Bend in the River

Step-by-step, I’ll give you a plan to get you started. The first step, the act of starting, is both the hardest and the most liberating. I promise: you can do this. You deserve this. And you don’t have to do this on your own. Give yourself the permission you need, and let’s get to work!

All of my services emanate from my own personal experience in theater, network news, law school and especially, the creation of this business.  The work I do with my clients is the very same thing I’ve done over the years to further my own career, and create the professional opportunities I needed. I help my clients discover and take advantage of  circumstances necessary for success, circumstances that they probably already have but perhaps don’t yet recognize.  These actions and attitudes lead to so much more.  You get excited. I get to tell you that I told you so.*fist bump* The magic happens. Rinse and repeat.

I adore you…everyone should have a cheerleader like you!”-Lon Blais

“I’m ready to change my life!”– Kelley Evans

“I like to think of you as an alarm clock with high heels!”– @billartistguy


Personalized Strategies

I’m not in favor of perfection; this idea of waiting until the perfect time has arrived. The search for perfection, in my opinion, is a waste of time, energy and talent. Perfection is a dangerous distraction that will stop you from experiencing all you could be right now. Life is too messy and wonderful to waste on something as tedious as perfection. I wasted my teenage years as an anorexic; I was, at my “prime,” 107 lbs, still loathing myself for being fat. (Oy.) How many parties or invitations to do fun things did I turn down, because I wasn’t “perfect?” Oh so many. What a waste.

I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.”


I’m obsessed with helping you do the most you can with what you have today, and building on that energy, passion and commitment, to create what you need for tomorrow. Because that’s what always happens:  the more you do, the more you can do.  The more fun you can have. The more you’ll surprise and astonish yourself. The time will never be perfect, but the longer you wait, the harder it gets. Let’s create a plan and get started today yesterday.

Initial Steps:

The first steps on the path of changing your life and/or achieving your professional goals, are always the hardest.  They’re also the most uncertain, as people wonder “…am I doing the right things? Will this help me, or am I already wasting my time?”  How, in actuality, does one begin the process of changing one’s life?  Email me at, and find out!

LinkedIn Profile
I’ll help you compose a profile which is both appropriate to your particular industry, as well as career-enhancing. I’ll also teach you how to fully use LinkedIn to advance your professional aims and ambitions.
Creating a Viable Social Media Presence
Don’t roll your eyes at me. You are indeed a brand, despite what you may hope think. And if you’re not going take control of your brand, it will, at best, be a waste of so many potential, and at worst, a serious liability for your career. I can help you understand and embrace your brand, and maybe even have some fun with it.
How to Craft a Pitch
If you’re in the process of developing your small business, or getting sponsors, or basically, doing anything that entails you communicating your ideas to other humans, and you need help writing a pitch letter…look no further. I write them all day, every day. Price determined upon depth of assignment.
Secrets of Advanced Networking
Stuck in your career and feeling bored? Feeling like you have so much more to offer the world, but no one’s paying attention? Wondering how to get in front of the people and opportunities you need? Hmm, sounds like someone needs a Yenta! #yourewelcomeAmerica
Quickie Steps to Creating the Network of Your Dreams
Like many people, you probably already know many of the people who can help you create the career you’re dreaming of…you just don’t know you know them. In a few easy steps, I’ll help you recognize, organize and build the network of your dreams. Also includes tips necessary for the long-term care and feeding of your network, throughout your career.
Personal Damage Control
So you hit “send” on an email that should never have been written. Or, maybe you told your boss exactly what you think of her. Or, perhaps in the course of an unfortunate chain of events, you walked out of a job that you desperately need.  Take a deep breath and come down off that ledge, Sunshine. Every situation can be resolved. As long as you come to me early enough, and allow me to help you. Let me help you stop sabotaging your talent, and start building the career you’ll cherish.
The Dress, Mores and Manners of Workplace Presentation
You think of it as being at work. Your management thinks of it as an on-going casting event, with everyone in the office continually auditioning for the power roles. The view’s always better from the corner office. What are you waiting for?  Why don’t you see how I can help you dress, act and present for the career you deserve demand.
Now, be honest with yourself. How motivated are you? How good are you at disciplining yourself? If we create a strategy for you, will you, on your own, get up every morning and do the needful to put it into action…or will it go the way of all flesh, another good idea allowed to wither on the vine? (Don’t even give me that look.) Many people hire me because I help them get started, I keep them moving forward, and they know I’m in their corner.  Think about your personality and your needs, as you consider what package might be best for you.

Introductory Single Session $475.00

This is the part where we play nice and get to know each other.
In my opinion, three sessions are the absolute minimum necessary for a client seeking to create and implement an effective strategy. However, there are many wonderful people out there who have one specific issue they want to resolve, and they want to get in, get out, and get results. (You probably aren’t surprised to hear that many of these people are native New Yorkers. And/or attorneys.) For those obsessive  um *cough cough* focused types, I offer the Introductory Single Session. I’ve used these sessions to do everything from revising a clients’ resume and/or LinkedIn profile, to constructing a dramatically more effective networking strategy, or crafting a social media strategy for a stuck company. Some people want to change the world, and some people just need help constructing a useful elevator pitch: all goals are equally valid, in my opinion. I greatly enjoy problem solving. Interested in some specific help? Shoot me an email: This is a 90 minute session.

Six Weeks to Success! $2,250.00

Ready to make this the year you achieve your goals? Ready to start creating a life that fulfills you? This package is for people who are ready to change their lives, but are not exactly sure how to get started, given how terrifying overwhelming the process can be. Many people have very manageable goals, but the actual mechanics of creating something new can be, frankly, intimidating. This package is one 90 minute session, either in person, or over the phone, or Skype,  or Facebook video, for a period of six weeks.

Intimidating… unless you wisely hire a certain Success Strategist (5’6″, 122 lbs, Taurus, soulful brown eyes, glorious looking, deeply humble) with a Type-A personality who loves to create detailed, step-by-step plans to get people started, and is comfortable putting people in masterful head-locks holding clients accountable. (Oh, you lucky people!) Over these six weeks, we’ll organize your goals, and craft a realistic blueprint for your success, based on your personality and experience, allowing you to start creating the life you’ve always imagined.

So many people find that the hardest thing is knowing where and how to start. I’ll get you started, and then I’ll help you create the long-term habits necessary to maintain and grow your achievements. At the end of six weeks, you’ll have achieved concrete, important steps towards furthering your own ambition and dreams. I will then create for you a personalized exit strategy to keep moving forward. #yourewelcomeAmerica

Two Weeks: $1,450.00

Want some intense coaching to jump-start your personal revolution?

Three 60-minute in-person or virtual meetings (FaceTime, Google+ or Skype) scheduled at the beginning, middle and end of the two-week period. Client receives an “Accountability List” within 24 hours of the first session, as well as email and text support, ideas, information and general inspiration between meetings. I suggest this particular package for people at the beginning of a major endeavor, requiring a great deal of motivation, organization and discipline. With two weeks of sustained coaching, we can get astonishing things accomplished. And by “we” I mean, obviously, “you,” since I already have an awesome  job.

Monthly Retainer: $3000.00

Got a bit more time, and ready to go deeper?

Want your own Success Strategist, on-call and ready to dive in help as necessary? If you have a lot of ambition, but not so much time, we can make some serious, long-lasting progress in a month. I’ve helped clients find jobs and turn their lives around in a month. Let’s get to work, baby…!



Now, let’s pretend that you’ve read through all of the above services and packages, and you still didn’t find what you’re looking for. No problem! Email me at, and we’ll figure out something special just for you! My dating history testifies to the fact that I do love a challenge…