Design Elements For Creating Your YouTube Channel

Design Elements For Creating Your YouTube Channel

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As an entrepreneur/writer/content-creator, I’m pretty passionate about smart social media: I have to be. I built my own business up using social media, and as a coach I constantly am asked to give my opinion on how clients present themselves online. Looking for some smart advice?  Want to dive a little deeper? Keep reading! #knowledgeispower

Design Elements For Creating Your YouTube Channel

Whether you’re entertaining the thought of starting a YouTube channel, have solid plans for creating YouTube content, or already have an established page, you’ll want to know how best to present the design, or redesign, the look of your page and channel. The online world is driven by bold yet simple aesthetics, so make sure you’re following suit and optimizing your chances of YouTube success. The opening page of your channel communicates both yourself and your content so you’ll want it to be relevant and appealing so that viewers are encouraged to explore your channel further. A fussy and cluttered appearance will work against you so be sure to avoid this look and favour a sleek format with similar graphics.

Decide What Works For You

Now, as aforementioned, having a cluttered page is likely to turn prospective subscribers away. The viewing experience should be smooth and encourage the eye of the YouTube user to move easily to more content, so by having unnecessary distraction, you’re doing yourself a disservice. When creating your channel you’ll be given free scope on how you want it to look, you can create YouTube channel art and personalized page banners. You can change the fonts, the backgrounds and the colors to really make the channel your own. It can be something you’re proud of, and if you enjoy the design experience, you could even create tutorials explaining how you created your sleek design to help others when coming to build their YouTube page. If you’re creating a gaming channel then your graphics should make that obvious, using a galactic space background and some italicized fonts will help you translate this.

Get Inspired

You can use any sort of inspiration for creating your channel, get out in nature and see if there are patterns that interest you and be sure to take your digital camera along with you so that you can document any shapes you find. Your YouTube channel is your own so working towards it being completely organic and from your own imagination will help you to stay focused and enthused about continuing to create content. Look through the channels of your favourite YouTube artists and see how they’ve designed their layout. If there are elements you like, then record them, even take a snapshot of their format and compile the photos all together into an album so that you can view them easily one from the next.

Remember To Brand

Remember to create a short YouTube trailer on your page, one that features a one minute, or so, compilation of all the best parts from your YouTube channel. You don’t need a lengthy explanation of what you do, you can show viewers instead. Pick a good icon and ensure that the resolution isn’t too high. Otherwise, it’ll appear grainy and by accurately communicating your brand, you’re marketing yourself so be clever when creating your logo. Bear in mind that your page and channel art with be viewed over a variety of different devices like smartphones, tablets, televisions and laptops, so make sure that you’re branded logo and images look good across these mediums. In this case you should pick a bold and simple design, one that will translate across these platforms and work well for you and your channel.

Hope all of this is helpful, and let me know what you think!





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