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I may be a megalomanic, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have issues with public speaking. Who doesn’t? I mean, well, Hitler seemed to have the knack for it…and we all know how that ended up. But for the rest of us, here’s a couple of ideas on how to become better public speakers. This came about, in talking with a friend/client, who said that a friend of his told him about the time that she was all set to speak at a big event, and looking out at the audience, recognized a colleague with whom she had had issues. The woman’s former colleague smirked knowingly at her…and the woman blew her speech. Then, my client said something interesting: “Sucks to be sensitive!”

Okay, I don’t think sensitivity is a bad thing, and I wouldn’t call that “sensitivity.” I’d call that a case of this particular person not having fully prepared, and then, seeing a former nemesis, the knowledge that she wasn’t as prepared as she needed to be, added with anxiety of seeing someone in the audience whom she knew wasn’t in her corner…led her to psych herself out.  

woody allen, “my brain is my second fave organ” but it shld be your first, since your brain has the ability to make you feel that either you can succeed or you’ll fail. have to put yourself in headroom to succeed, have to prep yourself, and work hard so when the moment comes, when you see enemies, real or otherwise, smirking at you, you’ll think, “smirk away, I’ve been prepping so hard, I’m ready to kill” think i’m exageragating? if by now you dont get how much your emotions control your behavior, not sure what it’ll take you.

Because…consider. Imagine if she had been 100% prepared and if she knew was on fire. Then, she sees this colleague in the audience, he smirks…she’d shrug, thinking, “Be my guest, punk.” (Hmm, that’s probably just me…me and Clint Eastwood, but pre-empty chair Clint.) Then, she’s smirk and give a great speech. But when you’re already feeling woozy in your abilities, seeing an unpleasant face can really effect(?) your emotional state, and your emotional state determined your ability to perform.

1. prep, if you prep you’ll be prepared if you’re prepared, you’ll be confident etc (alternatively, if you’re not prepared, you’ll feel terrible etc)

2. instead of deciding that everyone in the room wants to see you fail, focus on even 1 person who seems to be smiling positively and aim your speech at them…if necessary, think of someone from life (spouse, friend, relative, 3rd grade teacher WHOEVER) and imagine them there…does that sound crazy, so what, you need to trick your brain into letting you succeed

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