Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays

November 22, 2017 Uncategorized 0

Tomorrow, in these United States, is Thanksgiving 2017. *pause for effect* Aww Sunshine, I know, but it’ll be okay.  Stop sniveling.  Loosen that death-grip on your box of wine. You’re going to make it, I promise.  (And if not, hey, as Hunter S. Thompson used to say, many great books have been written in prison. #kidding #ohrelax) Keep your head down, and focus on your plate.  Or, lose yourself online.

But let’s say you’re thinking, “Yeah, Carlota, you say that, but every time I try and go to my happy place, i.e. Facebook, and post something fun or smart, like clockwork, there’s my Aunt Gloria, making fun and belittling me, ugh! I’m seriously considering just shutting down my account, it’s so bad!”

To that end, you might want to read this useful Nylon article about when it’s time to say the Long Goodbye online to your family. This isn’t about being petty, but rather about keeping both your sanity, and your professional reputation intact.  Because just realize that when people post on your Timeline, or comment on your comments, depending on the public settings, many other people can see said comments. And those comments can leave an unpleasant taste.  And if that metaphysical “taste” gets associated with your name, it can play havoc with your colleagues, who can be dangerous for your career. Not to mention, you’re online especially to avoid that kind of tsuris, no? If you wanted to be subjected to garbled, moronic political views, you’d just turn on NPR and hear the day’s latest mindfuck headlines.

You go online to relax with strangers. Them’s the rules.

Anyways: Happy Thanksgiving, and enjoy the article!



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