I’m (probably way too) real…

I’m (probably way too) real…

June 11, 2011 jenny from the block motivational newlife expo politicians 0
I had a blast last night speaking about 10 quickie ways to jump start yourself  on the transformative process of reinvention at the NewLife Expo…especially given that it was one of my first big speaking engagements, and that for about 5 heart-pounding minutes it looked like nobody would show (sad trumpet noise here)..but then, it happened: the room got filled, people were excited, my endorphins took off and I ended with a cheering squad. [That makes it seem like some bad 1980s film…but no. I was not wearing an inside-out sweatshirt.]

Anyway, afterwards, one of the participants asked me if I was a motivational speaker and I sort of cringed, since to me “motivational speaker” reminds me in the worst way of a politician: sanctimonious, arrogant and prone to dispensing unrealistic judgments about how you should your life, while they’re safe on the federal tit. Like, for example, that disgusting hypocrite, former Idaho Sen. Larry E. Craig, who had the gall, the almost unimaginable lack of conscience, to consistently  vote down pro-gay rights items, condemning gays for their “lifestyle choices”… all the while he was  soliciting men in public bathrooms. Pathetic. [Yes, I know there are good politicians…or at least, people who have done good  & important things while in office so simma down.  You don’t want to sue me.  All of my worldly assets at the point are the cats, several thousand books, several million partially broken cat toys,  my cleavage and a lot of law school debt…l’chaim! ]

But I’m not here to judge you. Not me, son. I’m not damning you for doing something I wouldn’t have the balls to do myself. I’m “simply” asking you to not cheat yourself.  To be true to all your great reserves of potential and talent. To not hide from yourself.  J. Ho needed 6 people to help her write “Jenny From The Block” [one of those bits of trivia that will stay in my brain till I die. First year of law school has , mercifully, almost completely evaporated, but the fact that it took 7 damn people to write lyrics like I’m still/I’m still/Jenny from the block will remain in my frontal lobes forever!], but I’m completely real all by myself.  And if I do my job right, and help you to “get it” about your potential, talent and opportunities…you will be too.

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