Makeup by Margie

Makeup by Margie

June 15, 2011 learning annex makeup by margie 0

I shot my “Learning Annex” video–yes, some of you may be giggling, since quite a few of their titles are insane–but it was super fun: me talking to a camera about stuff I find interesting…bliss! Crucially, I spent the morning getting my face and hair did by Margie Bresciani ( I attached a photo, taken later that evening. How much do I love this girl: she’s a sweetheart, adorable, looks like Mila Kunis’ little sister and is extremely talented and easy-going. Please go hire her and throw money at her!

(On a related note, the woman who did a video right before me, apparently decided that wearing makeup would be a distraction from her extremely (Hmm, what’s a polite word?) low-key presentation, and when she saw me, she sort of rolled her eyes: ha! Listen lady, who ever said that learning can’t be hawt? (The Kitten’s all, “Mawm! Gross…”) I did wear clothing for the shoot, by the way, this photo is from the Queens-based after-party…snort!

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