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Anyone Can Pitch a Good Idea. Here’s How.

So thrilled to be one of the career coaches quoted in this solid article: Hope you find it helpful! Carlota

January 30, 2020 0

Muster Across America Tour

So thrilled to have been given the exciting opportunity to moderate a panel on leadership at the Bunker Labs’ Muster Across America Tour at the NYSE! If you’re going to be in NYC on January 15, 2020, come on down.

January 14, 2020 0

The No. 1 “softskill” you need to compete in today’s job market

Thrilled to be one of the career coaches quoted in this insightful MarketWatch article about the softskills your career requires!

January 10, 2020 0

4 Ways to Tell a Job is Actually a Fit *Before* You Apply

The expression, “Searching for a job is the worst job,” is to true, as to be a cliche. Thus, in the nature of a PSA, beyond thrilled to be quoted in their solid article on ways to know if you’re applying for the right job before you get to work. Here’s a link: Besos…
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December 30, 2019 0

How to position yourself on LinkedIn when changing careers

So thrilled to be quoted in this very informative Baltimore Sun article about how best to use LinkedIn!–tms–careersntp–h-a20191117-20191117-story.html

November 17, 2019 0

Student Loan Hero

Thanks Student Loan Hero for quoting me in this very useful article about why taking a year off before college–otherwise known as a “gap year” is useful. The point of the year off is that it’s an opportunity for you, the student, to get a break from the constant barrage of tests, homework, tedious…
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November 7, 2019 0