On Panda Pawns and "real" news

On Panda Pawns and "real" news

June 1, 2011 Uncategorized 0


I heard this, this am while drinking my tea, and I can’t explain why it made me laugh till I cried, but the idea of a little kid beating a high school kid just gave me so much evil glee…(though if I had been that high schooler, I would have had fantasies of drop-kicking the brat). I’m sure some people are wondering why I’m not blogging about more “crucial” news, such as, for example, Ratko Mladic’s arrest for war crimes. Yes, like there’s so much to contribute to that ish: he approved the mass slaughter of an estimated 8,000 Muslim men and boys and has never shown a hint of remorse. Yes, he really deserves a trial that’ll drag on for years, while he lives in comfortable settings and makes a mockery of “justice,” and some idiot journalists talk about closure. Can we agree that any asshole who casually uses the word “closure” EVER should be pistol-whipped? Because invariably the people who drop that meaningless term, have never suffered anything worse than being unable to get soy for their venti lattes or being wait-listed for Oberlin.  F**k that noise: hang that bitch high!
Now please let me enjoy, in peace, the idea of elementary kids peacefully kicking ass and taking names.

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