Online ambition, personality and strategy for creatives 2017 workshop!

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So excited to announce that on January 17, 2017, in collaboration with the amazing people at The Unicorn NYC (, I’m going to be leading a next-level, hands-on, intimate social media marketing and creativity retreat for NYC artists! Not only will it be my first event of 2017, but given the intimate nature of the event, it’s truly an opportunity for ambition artists to come together, network, get inspired, learn strategic skills to promote themselves on- and off-line, as well as recommit themselves to their art.

Social media can be great, and it certainly can be useful…but it’s not your art, it’s not the lifeblood flowing in your veins. It’s not your passion, right? And it takes up your time, and hell are you even doing it right, and does it matter, and who cares and why o why o why-o, did I leave Ohio, as the old showtune goes? Well, kid, you did leave it, you’re here, and with Trump the Casa Blanca we need great art more than ever so get to work.

You’re in NYC to change the world, or at least, your world, and for many of us, social media hampers as much as it helps.

Therefore, I’m so excited by how welcoming and wonderful the people at The Unicorn (props to Jessica Delfino: with a newborn in her arms, she was busily texting me details, ideas and information. And here I thought that organizing my desk that morning was something to be proud of…oh well.) have been to my vision of creating a magical space for magical people.

I will shortly share ticket info, but: January 17, 2017, 7-9pm at The Unicorn NYC, 105 Henry Street, NY NY, 10002.

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