Paychecks or poems?

Paychecks or poems?

April 9, 2015 Uncategorized 0

April is National Poetry Month, and my birthday (April 30th), and though it’s only April 9th, I’ve already been truly spoiled. Not only was I mentioned in Latina Magazine (see the photo at the bottom) as a “stylish entrepreneur,” but last night one of my  most generous clients, Joan Becht Willette, wrote a poem in my honor.

Back in 2008, I launched this coaching practice for many reasons, but primarily because I know how crucial it is to encourage people to commit to their ambitions, instead of their fears. Therefore, to wake up and receive something like this …wow. To know you’ve had this kind of impact on someone’s life…well, what else is there?

“Met her at Queens Arts Seminar,
Packing 9mm knowledge into a minute space,
Sporting a bulletproof laptop,
Giving us knowledge that wouldn’t stop.
A dynamo with brilliance and wit,
Knew how to engage her audience with skill,
We had our fill
of her media strategies imparted.
Gracious to a fault,
With patience and creativity she engaged us,
Offering her services to help us to succeed,
In dreams we had not dreamed.
Carlotta lights the match,
Incendiary to sleeping muse thoughts!
You walk away having grown exponentially,
Because she took the time to walk
Through the dragon worlds of doubt and fear,
With her, you walk through the fire,
And emerge with a battle plan.
That is beyond your wildest dreams,
Warrioress that is she,
Lights the way for all you can be!
She’s a Gamechanger!” 

© Joan Becht Willette, 2015

I’m only as amazing as the clients I inspire…but they’re  pretty damn amazing. Still wondering if you should do what’s in your heart? Seriously?? You have no idea how many other lives you can change by honoring your own choices and dreams and ambitions. Dream big and commit! At the end of your life, what will you remember? The paychecks or the poems? #gettowork




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