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14K followers on Instagram can’t be wrong!

I have to admit that for quite a while, I resisted using Instagram. I was already on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ for my business, and I wasn’t particularly interested in taking on any further responsibility. But earlier this year, I was asked to give a workshop for artists on social media marketing,  and I knew…
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June 4, 2016 0

It isn’t always about the Benjamins….*

*…or the Tubmans, as I suppose they’ll shortly be called… “It’s nice, I guess, but where’s the money?” I help a lot of people get their mind right about social media. I help them envision social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, just to name a few, as dynamic,  brand-building tools and resources, instead…
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April 22, 2016 0

An epidemic of experts

What a time to be alive… This is going to read as if I’m grumpy, but no, as my father always said when I was a naughty teenager, “Carlota, your mother and I aren’t angry, we’re just…(dramatic pause), well, we’re just disappointed.” So America, I’m not angry, just disappointed. Feel the guilt flooding through your…
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March 28, 2016 0