That time I was interviewed on the Wall Street Journal MarketWatch podcast.

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Ahh, the irony of being a coach and an entrepreneur: you get a request to be on a Wall Street Journal podcast, about how big business is drastically scaling back telecommuting, wanting workers to be more visible and so-called committed to the team…and suddenly, there you are, doing the interview in your bedroom, hiding out from your own cats staff who also dislike telecommuting, favoring instead constant sacrifice  engagement slavery.  To paraphrase the  genius of the Wu Tang Clang, #catsruleeverythingaroundme.

Oh simma down, I promise this was a great smart podcast! The charming hosts Catey Hill and Quentin Fottrell curated a highly useful, pointed discussion about the pros and cons about working from home vs. making time to show your face (i.e. your ambition) in the office. This is clearly an issue still in progress, and it’s going to be resolved differently by every one of us, but if you’re having your own concerns, this episode is a great place to get some ideas and inspiration.

Listen here:


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