Writing for XOJane.com’s ‘It Happened To Me!’

Writing for XOJane.com’s ‘It Happened To Me!’

December 20, 2016 Uncategorized 0

Once upon a time The Simpsons made a good joke about Donald Trump being president, and we all laughed heartily and thought, “Ha, those crazy kooks, that’ll be the day!” (For the benefit of any young people reading this blog: before they got tapped out, there used to be a time that Simpsons were must-see viewing. On the other hand, this is also when MTV played music videos, and a family shared one phone, i.e. the dark ages. A land before time. You didn’t miss anything, trust me. )

And then came the ravenous year of our lord known as 2016 (*spits*) and wow, suddenly as a history major I realized that while historic times are fascinating to read about, living through them is…maybe less fascinating, more horrendous?

True story: I’m a total history nerd, and since I was a teenager, I would always procrastinate fantasize about certain auspicious moments in history and think, “Gosh, if only I could go back to the moment that Tsar Nicolas II signed away the Romanov empire to the Bolsheviks, what an amazing moment in history that must have been, boy howdy!” In my own defense…I mean, I was younger then.

Today, after (barely) surviving (well…? There’s still some days to go. Don’t devour me oh 2016, I have young cats to raise that need to suck my soul need a mom, spare me!) 2016, I can honestly state that living in historic times is terrifying. And exciting. And frightening. Tedious. Horrific. Unintentionally hilarious. Weird. Enraging. Disgusting. Heartbreaking.  Pathetic. Astonishing. (Rich in cat-centric videos.)


All of that to say, a number of years ago, when I was still slaving in the salt mines of TV  “journalism” (*laughs bitterly*), I had the opportunity to interview that super classy guy, Donald Trump…and it went about as good as you’d expect. And recently, I wrote about it for the wonderful women of XOJane.com. Two words for you: en-joy…That Time I Interviewed Donald Trump


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