How to climb out of a job niche you feel stuck in

How to climb out of a job niche you feel stuck in

April 4, 2018 Uncategorized 0

Years before I launched this coaching business, when I was still working in network news…ugh I remember all-too-vividly how terrible it was to feel trapped by my job. Waking up at 3am, the so-called “hour of the wolf,” and immediately feeling sick to my stomach when I thought about work…blech. (And then, since I’m apparently a masochist, I became an entrepreneur…misty, water-colored memories!)

Anyhoo, all of this to say, if you’re feeling suffocated at work, take a deep breath and realize that you can dig your way out. It’ll take time and commitment, but it can be done. But fear and panic usually only lead to more of the same, so take a step back, step off the ledge, and you could start by writing out, for your eyes only, what it is about the job that so overwhelms you? If you decide, “Well today, heck with it, I’m going to change my life!,”…um, ambitious much? That’s a little much for one day, n’est ce pas? Instead, make a decision that starting today you’ll do one concrete thing to change/improve your life: perhaps you’re going to start writing down that book you’ve been writing in your head on your morning commute? (Even 15 minutes of writing is HUGE.) Maybe you’re going to commit to learning a new language, or saving money, or attending one networking event a month, and schmoozing. Whatever it is, do it today. You know you deserve better.

I’ll make it easy for you to get started, by linking to this excellent Monster¬†article.¬†


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