New Year, New You? Here’s Your Road Map!

New Year, New You? Here’s Your Road Map!

January 5, 2017 Uncategorized 0

Always lots of pressure and expectations (same difference?) in the new year to make this the perfect year, make this the year that everything comes together. While I personally believe perfection is a manufactured myth that does much more harm than good, I do believe that anyone can benefit from intelligent coaching and help. To wit, I offer my January 2017 Road Map Package: 90 minutes of you and me, getting you organized and positioned to go all the way up! (You’re the boss, applesauce.)  This is face-to-face in my NYC office, but if you’re feeling shy, yes we can always talk over FaceTime or Skype.



Clients have previously used similar packages to do everything from streamline their arts business, or turn around a sagging job search, or learn how to successfully network, or even revise their entire LinkedIn profile.  You have ambitions and I have nagging  advice. (Definitely same difference.)

Change is wonderful, but it’s also scary, and if you’ve been thinking  that it’s time, but you’re not sure how to get it started…well, I know a woman you can call.







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