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I definitely was raised a morning person. But the older I get, the more I enjoy sleeping in. Not to mention, the less I enjoy beating myself up for my nature. I know that morning or not, you deserve to succeed, and deciding that due to your habits, you’re doomed to fail, is a sure-fire…
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April 7, 2020 0

4 Ways to Tell a Job is Actually a Fit *Before* You Apply

The expression, “Searching for a job is the worst job,” is to true, as to be a cliche. Thus, in the nature of a PSA, beyond thrilled to be quoted in their solid article on ways to know if you’re applying for the right job before you get to work. Here’s a link: https://fairygodboss.com/articles/4-ways-to-tell-a-job-is-actually-a-fit-before-you-apply# Besos…
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December 30, 2019 0

Paper is patient…

“I wanted to let you know that I’ve kept at the journaling stuff. Man, I sound so mad at myself and disappointed.”-C. I received this text from a friend who’s trying to make some substantial changes in her life. I suggested she start keeping a diary, to understand all the thoughts swirling around in her…
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December 28, 2015 0

“How do I make decisions?”

A friend, going through a rough period, recently asked me that question, and the yearning behind her question, deeply resonated within me. I’m sure that to some people, that question may seem ludicrous. It may seem insane…but understand that what  my friend is really asking is,“How do I learn how to trust myself? How do I…
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July 24, 2015 0

“I might have to go to prison.”

Oh my. This hand grenade of a phrase was tossed in the middle of an otherwise muted, low-key, innocuous conversation I recently had with an old friend. We were making plans to do some outdoorsy activities and suddenly in the middle of everything, my friend gazed solemnly into the distance and said, portentously, “Well, Carlota,…
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May 14, 2015 0