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Tomorrow, in these United States, is Thanksgiving 2017. *pause for effect* Aww Sunshine, I know, but it’ll be okay.  Stop sniveling.  Loosen that death-grip on your box of wine. You’re going to make it, I promise.  (And if not, hey, as Hunter S. Thompson used to say, many great books have been written in prison. #kidding #ohrelax)..

They are certain types of clients who hire me to help them become more selfish. There are certain types of clients who, when I start talking about how they’re going to have to become selfish to achieve their goals, become almost orgasmic regarding my use of the word, “selfish.” They move in close, lock their..

“…in life, as in other mysteries, there are no answers, only questions…part of the process…is to refine the question.”- Norman Mailer I recently read a masterful re-telling of the Cinderella story by Tanith Lee. It’s long, and very worth it; a much darker, much angrier and really quite sad version of the story. Read it, tell me..