Month: February 2014

TUESDAY TIPS February 25, 2014: Create, don’t Destroy.

At the end of last year, a friend/former client, who had lost a prestigious contest, cursed the contest’s sponsors–a very big name–and said, “To hell with them, they’ll never get another penny from me.” I understood the rage and frustration he felt upon losing–he had worked very hard on his submission–but I couldn’t agree with…
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February 25, 2014 0

The Confidence to be Social: 4 Hints to Get You Started

Yesterday, I ranted a bit (snort) on using social media to gain the confidence to share your story and create the opportunities you need Today, as promised, I’m going to give you some tips on getting started. These tips are for people working up the courage to dip their toes into the social media current,…
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February 23, 2014 0

The Confidence to be Social

I had an excellent experience at Social Media Week 201:, learned a lot, met some very smart people and got a lot of great ideas. I’m thrilled I went! I’m especially thrilled I went, because last year, I would never have gone, assuming, “Well, I’m not some Twitter dynamo, what would I have to talk…
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February 22, 2014 0

Tuesday Tips: Hackpad: Share the Load

I frequently tell clients who are trying to get something started–that sounds like a bad 1980s song lyric, but you know what I mean–to keep a diary of positive actions.  Now, despite my fondness for free love, I am not a hippie. By “positive actions,” I mean actions, whether large or small, that get you out…
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February 18, 2014 0

Love the one you’re with: yourself.

Not to get all whiny,but what I dislike about Valentine’s Day is the pressure it puts on people to be perfectly in love, dammit! I enjoy candy. I’m a big fan of love. But I have, at best, very mixed emotions, about a holiday that seems designed to make everyone feel bad about themselves and their…
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February 15, 2014 0

Happy birthday, John!

When Facebook nagged reminded me that today is John Towriss’ birthday, I knew I had to do something more than write an insipid  birthday wish on his wall. Way back in 1999, John hired me as a freelance field and package producer/assignment editor (among many other things) at CNN’s Washington bureau. I had just arrived…
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February 12, 2014 0

Networking Hints 101: 5 to Get Started

If you’ve read this blog, you know I’m obsessed with networking, Will Arnett and helping people achieve their potential. Not necessarily in that order but anyways. My business is rapidly gaining momentum, so people are less comfortable rolling their eyes openly when I stress that connectivity is everything, but I realize that many people, while…
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February 10, 2014 0

How Sweet It Is!

If you had been in my Queens neighborhood, about 45 minutes ago, when I received a Google alert mentioning me in a US News & World article…you would have wondered at the screaming. The screaming, the tears, the *thud* as my jaw hit the floor. First, of course, I had to read the alert about…
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February 4, 2014 0