Month: April 2013

The Generation Gap

Part of the thing about getting older…is that you get even more awesome! And, apparently, crankier. But seriously, ladies and germs, for me, part of the thing about getting older is trying to figure out where I stand in the “generation gap.” Or, really, why I dislike it so much when “older” (cough cough) people…
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April 30, 2013 0

Dressing The Part  Before I start today’s…welp, some people might call it a “rant”, but I prefer to think of it as “passionate advice coming from a place of love.” Oh, just humor me. Anyhoo, before I start venting, let me just say that I personally have a ton of J.Crew clothing in my closet, but when…
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April 25, 2013 0

Adventures in Advertising

I was on LinkedIn yesterday evening…ugh, that’s a shameful truth to admit in public! Better to say, I was out “wilding” in Central Park, or watching photos of chubby yet downcast Mitt Romney supporters on election night…good times! But no; I’m committed to the truth. That is my curse. Thus: I was on LinkedIn last…
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April 24, 2013 0

(Not-so)Secret Talents

Let’s face it: so much of life is getting up the courage to create the life we desire. So much of life, therefore, is getting out of our own way, ignoring that insidious voice inside, advising you to give up before you start, and instead, believing that you’re worth the effort, because what you have…
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April 23, 2013 0

The Value of Your Work

Oh dear lord, I promise that this piece isn’t John McCain carping about how he walked uphill to school, both ways, and it made him a better person for it, whereas kids today will never know the character-building benefits of six months in the Hanoi Hilton. Naw, it’s Saturday: no need to berate anyone.  When…
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April 13, 2013 0

Talking Points

A client pretty much blew my mind last night when, in the midst of our prep session for a big interview she has coming up, she said, cheerily (…and I’m paraphrasing…),” I just have to turn [the interviewer’s] questions around, so the interview reflects my agenda and I stay in control.” I was literally sputtering…
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April 10, 2013 0

Looking for love in many of the wrong places…

I probably (“probably”) shouldn’t post when I’m grumpy (…since when has that stopped me, right?), but let’s face it: there’s only 24 hours in the day. I’m am only one woman. I foresee more grumpiness. Anyhoo. Here’s a profound thought: if you do something nice for someone else, maybe someone for whom you even have…
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April 8, 2013 0