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Danger, Carlos Danger!

Aww, I couldn’t resist that headline! #sorrynotsorry I almost considered renaming our foster kitten, ‘Carlos Danger,’ but the kitten has better judgment. Also, he’s too smart to be a politician. But since I’m speaking about  not being able to resist one’s baser intentions, how about Anthony Weiner, that super classy guy running for NYC Mayor?…
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July 26, 2013 0

On the sunny side of the street

I did a quick session this am with an old friend/client–so old that she can call me bossy, and I just sort of chuckle. So old that I remember hanging out with her when we were in 3rd grade, giggling and reading back issues of People magazine and being stupid…–and the best part of helping…
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September 28, 2011 0