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Make Your Own Luck, Part II

Continuing on with our series (…saga?) about ways not to sabotage yourself, here’s a novel idea: When you say or do something stupid, apologize sincerely and move on.  I know, I’m crazy like that. Whoa, mama! I believe in taking responsibility when I say something stupid and apologizing. But apparently I am crazy like that,…
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March 28, 2013 0

Love the one you’re with: yourself!

I’m taking a break from networking, signing business deals (#likeaboss,son), giving The Kitten nubbins and, most importantly, this:…to express my sadness that apparently so many people hate Valentine’s Day. No me gusta. And before you assume that I’m 8, or that I woke to bouquets of roses and edible panties…meh, not so much. I…
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February 14, 2013 0

Don’t Fear The Reaper

Actually, the title of this quickie post should be something like, “Don’t Fear Success,” but the song has been in my head, not sure why. I was thinking about the fear of success, in many different forms, since I’m re-reading, for the billionth time, one of my very favorite books, A Confederacy of Dunces, by…
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December 7, 2011 0