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31Ways2GetItStarted™!: January 4, 2013

Day 4: Just Do It for 15 Minutes Ha! Admit it: You were all thinking I had given up, and you could safely go back to watching Futurama re-runs on the sofa, in dirty sweatpants, with a mug o’ wine, a Krazystraw and a jar of chocolate frosting…ohmylordwhyaminotdoingthatrightnow! On the other hand, those of you…
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January 4, 2013 0

Russian Lessons

Maybe I’m writing this today for all the talented procasturbators out there who still have plenty of time, plenty of time, come on, don’t freak out, baby, relax, before the IRS’s midnight deadline and who’d therefore like something fun to read in the meantime…but last night I was thinking about our tendency as a species…
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