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Of fumes, mens and value

I’m not gonna lie, I’m kinda running on fumes…I know, it’s only Monday. But concepts like “weekend” and “R&R” only apply if you’re not self-employed…or if you married well, I suppose. Due to my sketchy taste in mens, I’m not—praise Allah—married yet (think of all the boys who I’d be denying a chance to um…
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March 26, 2012 0

One of the best things I’ve seen recently on Facebook–besides, obviously, all the cute kitten photos and Hermain Cain’s miscellaneous accusers–was a very simple status update, by a friend of a friend, celebrating the anniversary of her sobriety. It was a very simple 3 or 4 lines, giving thanks for all that she had received…
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November 30, 2011 0