Month: November 2014

What I’m grateful for…

“Thank you for always guiding me…and for pushing me back into the world I love the most.” -A. I got that lovely text from one of the “young people” (…when did I become someone’s memaw?) I mentor. A young woman, a very talented playwright, who–like many of us–really just needed someone else to give her…
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November 29, 2014 0

Turning Your Passion Into Your Business in 2015!

I’ve known Marie Segares since oh, 1989, when we were in high school together, and as both of our businesses have grown, it has been lovely to be able to brainstorm with, and ask advice of, someone whom I so highly respect. Therefore,  when she asked me to be a guest on her podcast,Creative Yarn Entrepreneur Show,…
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November 26, 2014 0

The lessons of Studs Lonigan

I became a coach due to my own experiences. My life experiences and my Type-A personality desire to nag help others, plus, the lessons I learned from  literature and history. (Once a history major, always a history major: 19 things only a history major will understand) Besides the history major thing, I grew up in a house…
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November 23, 2014 0

“We do what we do…for our kids.”

(Earlier this year, I was approached by, to do some writing for their website. It’s a wonderful community, and I was very properly flattered and thrilled. Joining that community, I met and started talking with Mat Bryan about, ohh, you know, life, Monty Python films, kitten videos,  and his experience as an adult survivor…
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November 18, 2014 0

Good advice

“Hey, C., I’ve just read that one should only give out their biz card when asked. This seems like horrible advice.” -D. My client was right: that advice seemed horrible, because it was horrible. So much of handing out business cards is about making a real connection with someone, and to make a real connection,…
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November 12, 2014 0

Dirty Stayout

Sometimes, I think that one of my biggest talents is my ability to learn from mistakes; my mistakes and the mistakes of those around me. For example, about three years ago, I went to a beach party with a crazy woman “friend.” The beach party was being thrown by her undergrad alumni association, we were…
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November 9, 2014 0

“It’s just a flesh wound!”

Monty Python and the Holy Grail is one of my favorite films, and at the gym this morning, the scene with the Black Knight popped into my head. I was lifting and  brooding on the never-ending nightmare joy that is being an entrepreneur; thinking about being an entrepreneur, you’re constantly having to convince people of…
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November 7, 2014 0