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An acquaintance of mine on Facebook–oh stop acting like you don’t start sentences with those words all the time. Unless you’re a Luddite. In which case, why are you reading this blog and not churning your own butter or shoeing your horses or something while it’s still daylight?–recently noted that since he had left his…
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July 12, 2012 0

Being on-message, good & bad

I’ve been spending a lot of time, recently, with new clients, helping them design their Facebook fan and business pages. (Someone reading this, just snorted and thought, “Thank god, you’re not wasting your Wellesley education, right? Get a real job, hippie!”) And yet, it is a real job: it’s called, ‘branding,’ boys and girls. We…
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December 16, 2011 0

As a creativity yenta, I frequently get resumes from potential clients. Frequently I find these resumes rather impressive. So impressive, in fact, that under other circumstances, I might get a little jealous. Under other circumstances–as in, if we weren’t inhabiting an its’-the-end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it economy–these people would probably be giving me directions on how they like their coffee.…
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August 5, 2011 0