Month: October 2014

Pick worthy heroes.

On October 31, 1899, Nadezhda Mandelstam was born, thus I wanted to take a moment to wish happy birthday to a woman who never ceases to inspire, amaze and humble me with her extraordinary courage in the face of certain death and destruction. I’ve read and re-read her books countless times since I first discovered…
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October 31, 2014 0

How I Became a Success

I was lucky enough to meet artist Apryl Miller, (, at one of my most recent workshops, and she’s been impressing and inspiring me ever since with her fun, fearless joie de vivre. I asked Apryl if she would be interested in writing for my website, and she was generous enough to share with me…
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October 29, 2014 0


Oh my lord, just thinking about this post makes me feel like I’m about 10000 years old, and should be churning my own butter on some unfortunate public broadcasting show about re-enacting the 1800s, but whatever.  I know that nowadays incubators for business, among other things, are super trendy. All the cool kids want to…
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October 27, 2014 0

Bad goals

Last week, while on Manhattan’s UWS, I came across a homeless kid, probably in his mid-20s, who was panhandling and playing with two very happy black kittens. He was on Broadway, with the kittens, a carrier, litter box, food, water and yes, cat toys. Now, those of you who are cat people, you don’t even…
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October 21, 2014 0

Female Trouble

Yesterday, I gave this workshop: Female Trouble…and, you know, it wasn’t perfect–there were some tech issues–but, all in all, it was pretty damn good. I had a small, passionately-engaged audience of smart women. Instead of beating myself up for what went wrong, I’m ecstatic about everything that went right, and the inspiring women I met! Some of…
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October 19, 2014 0

Ask the right questions.

Ugh, just typing that terribly trite headline makes me feel like I’ve become a forlorn little life coach, or something else equally depressing, but no. I promise I do have a legitimate point. Clients frequently ask me for time management tips, but these are usually the very same clients who are so committed to the…
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October 16, 2014 0

“The Decent One”

“Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived  forwards.”-Kierkegaard This past Saturday, I went with a friend to see Vanessa Lapa’s stunning new documentary, “The Decent One.” A documentary about Heinrich Himmler in the words, letters and photos of his family, friends and fellow Nazis. Before you roll your eyes and feel…
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October 6, 2014 0

Networking Pro Tip: Holiday Auctions Edition

I know a lot of people who, despite hating to network with the fire of a thousand suns will, at the same time, blow my mind by casually mentioning their plan to spend good American currency to join commercial groups, or associations and thus receive selected “opportunities.” Oh. So you’re going to ignore the alumni…
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October 2, 2014 0