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Channukah Hints, Jewrican Factoids #2: Just Get Started

I’m going to title this second hint, “Just get started,” since taking action, as opposed to just talking about taking action, is huge. It can and will change your life…if you allow it to do so by taking action.┬áPeople truly are creatures of habit. And habits can be good or bad, but usually a little…
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December 21, 2011 0

Channukah Hints, Jewrican Factoids #1

So, sundown will mark the first night of Channukah, and while I’m a pretty bad Jew, I’m a pretty hawt Jewrican. I thought I’d take the opportunity to use the eight nights of Channukah to give out at least one good coaching hint. And maybe share a factoid about growing up Jewrican. (Might as well…
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December 20, 2011 0