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F**k Hurricane Sandy, You Still Need a Job

You’re right: I am a little cranky. Not because I’m worried about Queens getting destroyed in Sandy’s maw–honestly, I can’t assume that as a single girl hurricane that she’d want all the related ish of the outer boroughs in her life–but I could do without the media whipping the population into a frenzy of fear…
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October 29, 2012 0

Since I’ve become serious about using my business Facebook page (just writing those three words makes me automatically feel like I’m a senior citizen…and then I start thinking about what a useful magazine AARP puts out… and then I get really cranky and need to go date some 25 year old boy and prove I…
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September 26, 2012 0

While in a more intelligent world (ha!), this article about people being haunted by all of the insane sh*t they post online, would not have to be written (duh!), I can personally guarantee that several hundred (really, hundred thousand) will read it and be shocked, shocked; while, and this might be worse, another hundred or…
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July 21, 2011 0