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Yesterday we experienced the Oscars. Suddenly Ben Affleck is a talented thespian…instead of the co-star of a little debacle film entitled…Gigli (memories…light the corners of my mind!), but anyhoo, life demands we move forward and here it is Monday again. I personally love what I do, and since I am self-employed my boss is…
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February 25, 2013 0

So, I recently watched Gomorrah¬†¬†(I know, I know, the movie’s from 2008 and I’m just discussing it. Next week this new film called, Star Wars, and why light-sabers are kewl! But listen: being self-employed means 1) I’m always working, dammit, and 2) when I get to watch a movie, I kind of need to turn…
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August 22, 2011 0