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I was going to blog about various creative ways for job-seekers to communicate their (professional) value to prospective employers…but honestly, people, oy, the news out of Newtown just has me heart-broken. I was sniveling while running at the gym this am and watching a broadcast on CBS’ morning show about the “Elementary School Massacre,” which…
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December 17, 2012 0

I’m a born & bred New Yorker, so I feel I can say this…I hate New York. Not all the time…but frequently. Sometimes, walking through Central Park on a gorgeous mid-summer afternoon, I only actively dislike New York. But then, after reading this article and then this, heartbreaking article,…I kind of want to scream.…
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July 28, 2012 0

Despite all efforts to the contrary, August has arrived. August, the dog days of summer, when it’s time for students to start thinking about going back to school. Oh, the poor dears. (Still, it beats working, right?) So, with the thought of college and keggers looming, I’m just going to go out on a limb…
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August 2, 2011 0