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31Ways2GetItStarted™!: January 6, 2013

Day 6: If It Doesn’t Work, Change It! Bear with me: I’m a wee bit exhausted, because I’ve been helping clients since about 5am this morning to be oh awesome, you know. *tosses hair, giggles.* So today, Sunday, I’m going to keep my wisdom short, namely: Whatever it is you’re doing, if it doesn’t work-after…
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January 6, 2013 0

Educations vs. certificates

I spent some time yesterday reading through a leading university’s continuing and professional studies course catalogue (how sexy is my life, huh?), which was almost as hilariously disturbing as getting drunk and going on an on-line dating site, to read the profiles. (Almost.) I am a huge believer, in fact I’m an obsessive believer in…
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October 12, 2011 0

Hopefully, by now, my inappropriate, snarky, sarcastic sense of humor has become all-too-obvious to whoever (somebody, anybody) is reading this blog. My feeling about people without an excellent sense of humor is similar to my feeling about people who live without cats or dogs…bewilderment. I’m amazed by how clean their apartments are, that there’s not…
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June 29, 2011 0