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Channukah Hints, Jewrican Factoids #3: Keep it up!

I know, I know: some of you are rolling your eyes at the obvious nature of this “hint,” right? But… is it really obvious? I would argue that given the nature of our microwaveable, drive-through zeitgeist nowadays, a lot of people seem to have missed the point on how success is created. And by “success” I don’t…
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December 22, 2011 1

These Interesting Times

There’s an ominous Afghan proverb which goes, “May you live in interesting times.” I woke up thinking about this proverb this morning, after spending yesterday brainstorming with various clients, helping them create buzz-worthy marketing strategies for their various endeavors: a new energy drink and an up-and-coming singer/songwriter, among others. The musician and I were discussing…
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September 20, 2011 0