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Reach Out

I was reading an opinion piece by a small business owner the other day, and afterwards I girded my loins and read the comments. I usually go out of my way to avoid reading comments, because life is too short to seek out haters, but I was feeling kinda feisty.  I found one comment in…
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September 30, 2011 0

I went to a networking event last night–since apparently, me sitting at home watching “Adult Swim,” does not seem to bring in clients…what a word!–and while it was bearable–I did meet two great, smart, fun guys–the event did bring home to me the fact that…most people are missing the concept of networking. Painfully missing the…
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July 27, 2011 2

Got my mind right

I should preface these comments by saying I’ve been up (and working…and walking uphill both ways) since 3am (don’t ask), so now my brain is yawning and farting, and just generally ready for a nap and a Scotch. (Not necessarily in that order.) Anyway, this morning I got office space (380 Lexington! A huge office…
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June 17, 2011 0