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31Ways2GetItStarted™! January 2, 2013

Day 2: Be Realistic! Let’s face it, many of us find that reality is not our friend. Reality frequently can be a huge Debby Downer. And reality is especially uncooperative if your New Year’s resolutions included you engaging in behavior which either completely goes against your personality, or would require you to bend the laws…
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January 2, 2013 0

Facebook = business

Like most of you, I primarily love Facebook as a way to waste time. Well, waste time and look at the photos of people’s boy/girl-friend and wonder how that happened. ( I know, I know: meow meow meow…meow!) But, and I swear this is true: Facebook is also amazing for business. It feels weird to even…
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January 18, 2012 0

Getting to know you…

A great deal of being The Creativity Yenta™, is frankly knowing when, to STFU and keep my (numerous) opinions to myself. So if, for example, I run across an old friend on Facebook who is currently engaged in a “career” which makes me cringe, because I know she has tremendous talent, but apparently she does…
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January 3, 2012 0

Channukah Hints, Jewrican Factoids #4: Don’t cheat yourself

Like a great many people, I am ambivalent about success. It probably has something to do with not being 26 anymore: you want something big, but you know how hard life can be and you worry about failure. You want something important…but do you really want it? My latest play for example. There was a period…
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December 23, 2011 0