Month: August 2015

Keeping up with yourself

Yesterday, on our 7th (…wow, where has the time gone…!) small business podcast, my co-host Marie Segares and I, talked about the destructive lure of comparing yourself to…well, anyone but yourself. When I started this business, in 2008, I wasted a lot of time comparing myself to other entrepreneurs and other coaches, to people who had been…
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August 18, 2015 0

Ain’t nothing but a party!

If you’re thinking about getting a better job, but find the process so overwhelming, that you keep putting it off, saying to yourself, “Right after Labor Day, sh*t gets real,” well, that’s one way (highly stressful) to do it, I guess. Me personally, if I keep putting stuff off, it ends up looming over me,…
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August 16, 2015 0

Titles don’t matter.

This morning, lying in bed reading my Twitter feed, as an 8-week-old rescued kitten* walked back and forth across my face, squeaking, I read this story about Brandi Lee Weaver-Gates. Brandi Lee is the Pennsylvania beauty queen recently arrested for pretending to have cancer, so she could scam her friends and family out of thousands of dollars.…
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August 12, 2015 0

The tyranny of goals

“Life hack: Stop spending so much time looking for life hacks.”- Rex Huppke It’s Sunday morning, and if you hate your job, this can be truly be the lowest point of your existence. Tomorrow’s Monday, the start of another week doing something you loathe, another week of your life wasted. Sunday evening, for many people, is truly a…
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August 9, 2015 0

Being selfish is part of the job.

They are certain types of clients who hire me to help them become more selfish. There are certain types of clients who, when I start talking about how they’re going to have to become selfish to achieve their goals, become almost orgasmic regarding my use of the word, “selfish.” They move in close, lock their…
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August 6, 2015 0

On restraining orders & self-sabotage

Oh, I know: just that very title might make you take a step back and think,”Um, okay…,” but stay with me for a second here. If you are in the process of changing your life,  and you’re lucky enough to be surrounded by friends and family who aren’t threatened by your progress, but instead celebrate…
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August 2, 2015 0